The power of an individual to make choices over their own health is the most basic expression of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This is not the right to demand resources from others to pay for health care.  This twisting of the natural right into something grotesque by the Democrats and their left leaning constituency enslaves both caregiver and patient.   Without fail, if we allow this philosophy to prevail, the citizen will lose his or her ability to make their own choices over their own health.   It is a foolish bargain providing nothing to gain and everything to lose.  Health care is the natural right of all human beings to make decisions over their own health and safety without government interference.

In an unfettered market economy, goods and services become less expensive even as quality improves.  We have to reinstate the same incentives in health care. The Republicans have promised as much, but have clearly dropped the ball, as they often do.  The thread that could begin to unravel the whole mess is to attack the third party payer system.  It is a small step, but removing the tax advantage businesses have for providing health insurance will have huge results.  Individuals and businesses must be on a level playing field when it comes to deductibility for health insurance payments, preferably removing this deduction entirely for all entities. 

What are the real problems?  We all know.  1.) Health care has increased in cost much faster rate than national income.  The same is true for health insurance. 2.) People’s health insurance is tied to their job.  If they lose a job and can’t find another one with health insurance, it is very difficult for them to buy insurance as an individual.  3.) Cheaper major medical insurance policies that just cover hospitalization aren’t offered.  4.) The third party payer system we have in place today does not engage the consumer to control cost of medical services in any way that is impactful.  This is great for the medical community because they don’t have to justify their cost to the patient.  It is great for the insurance industry because all they ask is a “small” percentage to handle increasingly higher cost.   As a bonus, then if they only have to sell their product to business instead of individuals, which is much easier and cheaper for them.   

We must get government out of health care, but the cancer has spread so badly through the medical industry that the chemotherapy will have to be gentle enough to avoid killing the patient.  I am adamantly opposed to the Republican mantra against Obamacare of Repeal and Replace.  There is no replace.  There is only repeal. Once Obamacare is repealed, we continue repealing the legislation from both parties that has corrupted the health care system.  However, even before that, if possible, there is one key piece of legislation that I will introduce to begin breaking down the web of conflicts that are inherent in the system by leveling the playing field between individual insurance and group health insurance. This legislation will remove all tax deductions for health insurance and health care in conjunction with a general payroll tax decrease.

Author: Michael Sweeney

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